Jocelyn Shen

About Me

Hi! I'm Jocelyn, a Master's student at the MIT Media Lab's Personal Robots Group, advised by Professor Cynthia Breazeal. I graduated from MIT in 2021 with a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science alongisde a minor in Economics.

My research is broadly situated in the field of human-centered AI and aims to advance computational approaches that support interactions with socially embodied AI agents in order to enhance human experiences. In particular, I'm interested in how AIs can be used to bolster mental wellbeing and foster social connectivity through sharing and expressing personal stories. This often involves developing machine capabilities to understand and generate communicative behaviors through different modalities and evaluating these interactive systems in the real world.

In the past, I've worked at Facebook (Software Engineering Intern), Citadel (Software Engineering Intern), and Affectiva (Data Science Intern), where I've developed full stack applications, backend infrastructures, and machine learning pipelines. Aside from my work, I like to sketch characters and write anything ranging from poems to essays to novels. My awarded creative works often center around themes of racial identity, the meaning of art, and the digital age. Check out the rest of this site to learn more, and feel free to reach out!